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Newlyweds Could be Fined if they Don't Abide by New Law

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Couples planning to go on honeymoon straight after their wedding may have to change their plans when new electoral registration laws come into effect. At present, a marriage is registered at the time of the legal ceremony, with couples receiving their...

Pensions - Separation or Divorce Financial Settlements

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Pension CEV - Cash Equivalent Value as part of your financial settlement. I’ve got my pension CEV (Cash Equivalent Value). What do I do with it now? Is it reliable? Can I rely on the CEV given by my spouse? Once you‘ve got...

Will I have to go to court for my divorce?

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I am scared - I need a divorce but don't want to go to court. Not everybody has to go to court; in fact, in many divorce cases the parties don't go to court at all. Attendance at court is very rare and is only necessary when there is a...

Pensions and Divorce - What is a CEV?

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My solicitor has said I need to get an up-to-date CEV of my pension. What is this and is it necessary? In order for a couple to reach an agreement regarding their finances following a decision to separate or divorce they are required to tell each other...

Ten Myths About Divorce Debunked

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As a family law specialist I frequently hear misconceptions about divorce but if you're considering splitting up from your husband or wife it's important to have all the facts to hand so you can decide on the best course of action. Here are some of...

Will my Divorce Affect my State Pension?

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The short answer to this question is a resounding ‘yes’. Unfortunately this is an issue which is frequently overlooked when couples are getting divorced, usually to one party’s disadvantage. The current age at which women can...