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Its Womens Business Pink Carpet Exhibition

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Starts: 06/20/2013 10:00 am

Ends: 06/20/2013

Duration: 5 hours

Portland College Corporate Suite, Nottingham Road

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

NG18 4TJ


10:00am: FREE coffee or tea
Introduction to the Sponsors, Specialists & Advisors
Browse the stands & network

10:45 – 11:15 am – Sharing the Stage
Alison Hollingworth of Steps Forward
“Taking Responsibility of Your Life and Business”,
followed by: Carolyn Radford of MTFC, “The Steps to Success”

12:00pm – 1:15pm BOOK NOW (See details below) only £12!
A delicious 2-course seated lunch with coffee & mints

Followed by our keynote speaker local superhero: Denise Lowther
Denise will be sharing her experience of The 28th Marathon Des Sables 2013. To quote Denise “156 Miles in
6 Days, across the Sahara Desert carrying your own gear…”..How hard could it possibly be? Denise a regular
triathlon and iron man participant will be sharing an inspiring talk on her road to recovery from cancer and how
her whole life perspective has changed including her values and visions through her experience

Sue Leadbeater IWB Family Law silver specialist
“Putting Legal Procedures and Plans in place when
you engage in a personal or business relationship”,
Sue is Joined by Chris Cutland, Deputy Police Commissioner talking about her new role and how she intends
to work against crime involving women
The floor will be open for a few minutes of question time to Sue and Chris

Also joining us for lunch:
Wendy Hain, Director of Membership for DNCC, Carolyn Radford and Chris Cutland

To Book or for more information contact
Chair & Organiser; Diane Carter on 07916 245 367

Sue Leadbeater

Andrew & Co LLP

Family Law Specialist


I will be sharing advice on how and when to plan and put legal procedures in place when you engage in a business or personal relationship. ‘Our lives are constantly changing and it is vital to consider the impact of decisions we make both a the onset and throughout the course of those relationships. Break ups in any type of relationship can lead to anxiety, uncertainty, loss of assets including your business and security as well as heartache, but you can offer yourself protection, certainty and be in control of your own destiny rather than leave the matters to fate by seeking legal advice and being prepared for what life may throw at you’ I will be offering examples of when you might consider speaking to a solicitor and what can happen if plans are not made and circumstances arise which out of your control.