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What is a planning breach that could lead to enforcement action?

Carrying out development without planning permission:

  •     Changes of use of land
  •     Breach of conditions attached to a planning permission
  •     Building or engineering operations

Carry out works to a Listed Building or breaches of conditions on a Listed Building Consent or causing intentional harm to a Listed Building

Demolition of a building in a conservation are without a CA Consent
Removal of a preserved tree without consent

Do any of these sound familiar?  If so you may need specialist advice either because you may have inadvertently carried out such works or you are concerned that a neighbouring landowner / occupier is in breach of the planning system.

If you are concerned about a potential breach in your neighbourhood you can contact your local planning authority but you may prefer in the first instance to have a confidential discussion with a lawyer.  Or indeed if you are concerned that you have carried out works without permission.

If you are reporting a potential breach it is important that you are clear about what the breach is, when it occurred what harm is being caused by the suspected breach.

If you report a breach the local planning authority will start an investigation.  Your contact details can remain confidential when reporting a breach.

If you are suspected of a potential breach generally a planning enforcement officer will write to you or visit your property.

If served with a valid enforcement notice you may have grounds to appeal the notice – you should seek specialist advice.

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