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The Government has just announced plans to undertake a major overhaul of the Private Rented Sector and abolish Section 21 Notices.
Landlords will be familiar with the Section 21 Notice as the first step in seeking possession of their property. As it presently stands Landlords are able to serve a Section 21 Notice after the expiry of a fixed term tenancy.
The Government is set to consult on the proposed changes which will mean Landlords will have to give good reason for seeking possession of their property. The proposed change by the Government is to protect tenants from rogue or unethical Landlords and to give tenants certainty in their home.
While the consultation has been announced no changes will immediately take place although the Government intends to bring in new legislation as soon as possible.  Additional information can be found from The National Landlords Association
If the Section 21 Notice is abolished Landlords would have to rely on Section 8 Notices as the first step to seek possession of their property. It is envisaged that the Section 8 would have to be considered as part of the consultation process to see what changes may be required to that Notice. 
The proposals set out by the Government have generated a good deal of media coverage and it remains to be seen in the consultations how things develop going forward. 
The Employment and Dispute Resolution Team at Andrew & Co will closely watch the developments in this area and update accordingly.
Author: Nigel Bescoby
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