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Uncertain Times - Redundancy Know your Rights

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Redundancy - At times of uncertainty, be that due to local or national issues, businesses and employers often review their workforce and structures and consider making changes.
Individuals who are informed by their employers that they are at risk of redundancy may find themselves in a situation that they have never experienced before and some will be uncertain as to their rights or what they should do or say to their employer.  Their employer may ask their workforce if any would be prepared to volunteer for redundancy as a way of avoiding compulsory redundancy.
Some employees may be at the point in their working life where volunteering for redundancy has attractions, they may have been thinking about a change of direction or even retiring.  Employers usually are prepared to pay more than the statutory redundancy pay to employees who volunteer to be made redundant.
Some employees who are selected for possible redundancy may feel they have been unfairly selected.  Or feel that the process followed by their employer has not been fair.  They may want confirmation that the notice pay and redundancy pay being offered is fair and correct.
Your employer may offer some employees an enhanced severance package where there is a redundancy situation and invite employees to sign a document called a Settlement Agreement or Compromise Agreement.  If this is proposed by your employer you need to take independent legal advice before signing any documentation.
In any of the above applies to you,  do you need help and assistance? 
If you are not a member of a trade union who do you turn to?
You can have a telephone conversation with a representative of ACAS ( Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) who can provide you with general advice on employment related issues including redundancy.  This is a free service.  The ACAS helpline number is 0300 123 1100.
If you need assistance beyond general advice then you should call Andrew & Co and speak to our employment team.
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