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Will I have to go to court for my divorce?

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I am scared - I need a divorce but don't want to go to court.

Not everybody has to go to court; in fact, in many divorce cases the parties don't go to court at all.
Attendance at court is very rare and is only necessary when there is a conflict of evidence or a disagreement for example about the value of an asset.  At Andrew & Co we will do everything possible to achieve a negotiated agreement and will only advise court proceedings when there is no other option. 
If you do attend court your solicitor will be with you and will explain precisely what you will have to do. Most of the time you will just be asked to give your thoughts on different ideas and proposals and will not have to talk in court. We will do all the talking on your behalf both to the other party and with the court.
Judges know that court can be very daunting and will take this into account. However, the fact that people find court scary can be a good thing as the prospect of having to attend court sometimes helps parties focus on what is important and reach an agreement. 
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