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Compensation Worth Nearly Half a Million Pounds Secured for Clients

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Over the past couple of weeks Andrew & Co has secured almost half a million pounds (£431,000) worth of compensation on behalf of five clients who had been injured in accidents which weren’t their fault.

The settlements had varying degrees of value, but the outcome from all of the cases will have a huge impact on the lives of the people involved.

£150,000 was awarded to an elderly and disabled widow who sadly lost her husband in a fatal road traffic accident. We spent just over three years working on the case for her due to complications surrounding the cause of the accident. But now this money will provide her with the much needed social care she requires for the rest of her life.

A further £225,000 was secured for another client whose long-term health and future has been seriously affected by the impact of another road traffic accident.

These cases had the highest value and highlight an important point for anyone affected by personal injury.

Insurance companies will do their best to offer you a ‘recommended’ law firm to work with following a road traffic accident. More often than not you won’t get to meet them, nor will you receive the specialist advice and personal service Andrew & Co provides.

Most people don’t realise they have the right to choose a solicitor to represent them as opposed to working with a generic law firm. Undoubtedly the local knowledge we have along with the specialist experience in personal injury law, helped us to win a considerable sum of money for our clients.

We also secured a further £13,000 for a pedestrian who was hit by a stolen car after it mounted the footpath, £8,000 for a woman who suffered facial injuries and a fractured knee following a fall caused by a rocky paving slab in Grantham and £6,000 for a man in his 70s who was injured by the doors of a bus closing on him.

Each incident was very different, but in personal injury cases we have to prove who is to blame and the experience we have is hugely beneficial in helping us to win compensation for our clients. As these cases all prove, choosing a reputable firm with dedicated specialist solicitors really does pay off.