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Tax Warning for Zero-Rated Cars

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Every year thousands of people are being taken to court for failing to renew their annual car tax even though their car is 'zero-rated'.


On seeing the letter from DVLA stating there is nothing to pay, motorists often assume they don’t have to do anything, but in fact they do.


Whether you pay road tax or not, if you are the registered keeper of a vehicle you will usually receive a reminder from the DVLA to renew the tax. The notice will state how much is due to be paid and this is where many people are tripping up.


If your car is zero-rated, the amount owed will be stated as £0. Even though this is the case, you still must go on the DVLA website and go through the process of renewing the tax.


This is so that the DVLA has up-to-date records as to the registered keeper of all vehicles which are being used on the road. Remember, if the police or another agency need to speak to the driver of any vehicle, the starting point for their enquiries is with the registered keeper.


It is equally important that if you change your home address, you inform the DVLA. If you don't, then any reminder notices or other legal documents will be sent to the address on record. You will not get your reminder and could end up being prosecuted.


If you change your address and fail to notify the DVLA, it is no defence to say that you did not get a reminder. Typically, the DVLA will send you a notice to renew. This is followed up with a reminder and if that is ignored a fixed penalty notice of £80 will be sent. If you fail to pay that, a court summons will follow and the fine can be as high as £1,000.


So, make sure the DVLA has the correct address for the registered keeper and that you renew your road tax on time each year - even if there is nothing to pay.


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