Understanding & Negotiating Commercial Contracts

Key topics covered

•    When and how is a legally binding contract created?

•    Warranties and indemnities and how to negotiate them

•    How can you limit liability?

•    Key issues to consider if a problem arises post completion 

•    Effective dispute resolution 


Effective and successful contract negotiation is paramount to commercial success. Too many businesses ignore contracts and see it as hindrance to completing the deal. 

It can and has proven to cripple organisations in the past and understanding how to negotiate contracts on best terms possible is essential.

By attending this workshop, you will gain insight as how to review contracts in both the buyer and seller position and how you can better negotiate trading terms with stakeholders and suppliers. 

We will consider key issues that could arise should a dispute occur and look at the steps 
to take for effective resolution. 

It is always important to maintain strong relationships with stakeholders and suppliers  but without them jeopardising your business success.

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