Fiduciary Duty Claims

Company Directors and Officers may face a range of potential legal actions in the course of carrying out their duties; from allegations of breach of trust to neglect, omission, libel, slander and wrongful trading. Equally, prosecution may sometimes be required against former employees where their actions have involved a breach of their fiduciary duties at the time they were employees.

In either event, we can review the situation for the business involved and provide advice on the potential for liability. If required, we can assist with any subsequent investigation or prosecution, including recovery of funds or tracing of assets.
Insurance matters

We can act for either claimants or defendants for insurance related disputes, including giving advice on the scope for negotiation or mediation.

We strongly recommend businesses take a proactive stance on insurance matters and review any potential liability; taking appropriate action to mitigate any claims. Alternatively, insurance cover should be considered to cover the liability – our services extend to reviewing your situation, explaining what is required and arranging cover, where requested.

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