Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property is vitally important to your business, your investors and your future.

Protecting and safeguarding the intellectual property within your business could not be more important. When working with the Corporate & Commercial team at Andrew & Co Solicitors, we very often find that it is within the best interests of our clients to take advice on patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights. Each of these intellectual property elements play a fundamental role in ensuring the future success of your organisation so it is vital to ensure your innovations and commercial assets have been protected.
To ensure that our clients remain fully protected, we maintain a strategic relationship with an intellectual property provider that helps maximise the effectiveness and value of our clients' IP assets.
Stratagem Intellectual Property Management has experience, knowledge and expertise that has proven effective wherever a company has a need for protecting or exploiting their intellectual property. IP services are applicable to all types of organisations from start-ups to multi-national corporations. 
For more information about Stratagem IPM and intellectual property services please visit their website