Investing in Your Business

For a business to expand and achieve growth targets, investment by third parties is often imperative. Let us negotiate the best terms and rates for you and ensure that due diligence is correctly done on the lender and the capital being offered.

Our corporate and commercial law experts will work with you to help you consider the pros and cons of different methods of investments and how they work. We will also diligently draw up the necessary documents required for the transaction to complete.

Types of Investment

Led by Paul Simpson, the corporate and commercial law team at Andrew & Co Solicitors has an in-depth understanding of finance law and legal matters surrounding third-party investment.  Investment can be structured in a variety of ways – it might be a loan secured on the company's assets; the company might issue a debenture, or decide to issue share capital. In case of the latter, we would discuss with you what can be achieved with shares giving preferential rights on dividends and rights for the company to redeem shares after a certain time.

Investor Involvement in the Business

If the investor is going to be involved in your company and made part of your business continuity plan, we will guide you through the effect of this on your shareholders' agreements and the way commercial decisions are made. 

An investor will want to carry out due diligence into your business to make sure they have a good understanding before they commit themselves. We can work with you to ensure the due diligence process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

At Andrew & Co Solicitors, we partner with our business clients and have a deep understanding of their legal needs and commercial ambitions. We will assist you in securing the best investment option for your organisation.  We look forward to celebrating your success.

If you would like further information or to make an appointment with a member of our Corporate & Commercial  team, please contact us on 01522 512123 (Lincoln) or 01636 673743 (Newark).