Commercial Mediation

Mediation is now widely recognised in the UK and Europe as the most popular form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as it offers solutions beyond those that a court could ordinarily impose. A sound understanding of the process enables us to work to the highest standards and offers clients the confidence to approach the dispute with a positive frame of mind.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding, “without prejudice” method of resolving disputes. The mediator is specially trained to assist parties in settling disputes, being an impartial neutral catalyst who helps the parties to arrive at a mutually agreed solution. The mediator has no power to impose a settlement on either party.

Why use Mediation Services?

Litigation undoubtedly increases levels of stress, often results in a loss of management time, a decline of productivity, and low morale, and can also be costly. As a party you also retain little control over the process and are limited with the types of settlement that a court can award. Through mediation services however, as the mediator is non judgmental and the mediation process totally confidential, the parties can control the process and reach a resolution on terms that they are happy with. If you can’t agree terms then you can continue with litigation. However with 80% of cases resolved, it is an unlikely scenario. Any disputes can be right for mediation. The real key is the desire of the parties to achieve a resolution.

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