Wills & Estate Disputes

The Team carries out work in respect of Contentious Probate matters. These can be disputes that arise out of the administration of an Estate, questions about the validity of a Will or whether an individual has a claim against an Estate as well as the correct interpretation of a Will. 

The Team regularly advises in relation to:-
Inheritance Act claims
If you have not been provided for adequately, or at all, in a Will, it may be possible to make a claim against the estate on the basis that provision ought to have been made for you. The most common claims are those by a spouse or partner, or a child of the deceased, however there are other groups of people who may be able to claim.
We can assist individuals wishing to pursue such a claim, personal representatives who are administering an estate which is subject to a claim, or indeed beneficiaries of an estate whose inheritance is being challenged.
Challenge the Validity of a Will
We provide advice and assistance to individuals who seek to challenge the validity of a Will. This challenge could be on the basis the person who signed the Will lacked capacity, i.e. they did not understand what they were signing. It could be on the basis that a person was subject to undue influence such as they were pressured into signing something they would not otherwise have signed. 
Executor Disputes 
Unfortunately, disputes do arise between executors and administrators. Disputes can severely delay the administration and distribution of an estate and at great cost to the estate. Our specialist team can help to resolve these disputes at an early stage.
If you have any concerns, speak to a member of our dispute resolution team in Lincoln or Newark, by contacting us directly on 01522 781497 or email info@andrew-solicitors.co.uk
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