Cohabitation Agreements

In light of the stricter nature of the law which applies to disputes between unmarried couples if they separate it is often advisable for a couple who are intending to live together to enter into a Cohabitation Agreement.

Essentially the Agreement is a contract between them which sets out how matters will be dealt with whilst they are living together and how their assets will be divided in the event that they separate. Whilst such an Agreement cannot oust the jurisdiction of the court it has been established that in the event of a dispute between the couple the fact that they have entered into the Agreement its terms will be taken into account so long as it has been properly negotiated with the assistance of a solicitor,  there has been full financial information exchanged between the parties and the agreement is fair on the face of it. Our specialist family lawyers are able to advise both as to the matters to consider when entering into an Agreement or on the preparation of an Agreement that has already been negotiated.

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