Financial Settlements

Aside from arrangements for children, the area that often causes difficulties and animosity in divorce proceedings is the financial settlement.

Although a financial settlement can be worked out between you and your spouse or partner independently, without the advice of a lawyer, this is a risky and dangerous move, especially if you are the weaker party financially or you feel that you were to blame for the break up.
With our expert legal guidance, we will ensure that you protect not only your financial future, but the future of your children.

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Our expertise

The family law team at Andrew & Co Solicitors understands the stress, worry and sometimes anger that divorce can cause, especially surrounding the areas of income, property and pensions.  Led by Sue Leadbeater, our family lawyers are committed to resolving disputes around financial settlements away from the courtroom.  We are experienced in working collaboratively, negotiation and mediation, and will exhaust these methods before committing our client to the litigation process.  
In cases involving domestic abuse or where your spouse or partner is unwilling to cooperate in providing information or documentation, negotiation and mediation may not be appropriate.  If you are in this situation, we can assure you that not only are we fully experienced in family court proceedings and fighting for our clients’ best interests; we also understand how vulnerable some clients are.  Therefore, our solicitors deal with each case with empathy and sensitivity and will keep you fully informed about how your case is progressing.


The best results

Our family law team is committed to delivering the best results for our clients, as we know that the decisions you make now will affect your financial future for many years to come.  You can be confident of receiving clear, concise advice in a timely manner – we always reply to our clients promptly and you will have the direct dial and email address of your solicitor so you can contact them at any time during business hours.
To make an appointment with one of our family team to discuss a financial settlement, please call our Newark office on 01636 673743 or our Lincoln office on 01522 512123.