If you are considering buying a property with a view to letting it out, it is vital that you  understand the buy-to-let process and take expert legal advice. You are effectively starting a small business by becoming a landlord. As a result you will need to find tenants, check their references, collect rent and deal with any tenant disputes.

Our specialist practitioners can guide you through your legal responsibilities, such as carrying out repairs, maintaining the safe supply of gas and electricity and ensuring fire safety regulations for premises and furnishings are met. We can also draw up tenancy agreements, deal with tenant disputes, termination of leases (including “Notices to quit”) and if required, instigate eviction procedures.

Many landlords of Houses in Multiple Occupancy are unaware that since 6 April 2009 they may require a licence for their properties. It is the landlord’s responsibility to ascertain whether his property is subject to the requirement for a licence. Our specialists can advise on the need for a licence, assist with the application and advise on any conditions imposed if and when the licence is granted.

Please ring 01522 512123, (Lincoln) 01636 673743 (Newark) and ask for a no-obligation quote as soon as you decide to move home. Our conveyancing team will be happy to advise you.