No Sale, No Fee Conveyancing

Our no sale, no fee policy at Andrew & Co Solicitors eases the way for property sales and purchase in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.  It is very frustrating when you’re moving house and the transaction falls through at the last minute. With the current financial climate, this is happening to many people moving house, but the last thing you want is a bill for conveyancing fees if your move does not complete.

The housing market is fluctuating and sellers want to accept the best offers they can, which could lead to you losing out. Likewise, if you’re caught in a chain of buyers and sellers, it only takes one of these transactions to fall through and the whole chain could collapse. To help you Andrew & Co Solicitors offer a no sale, no fee conveyancing service. No sale, no fee conveyancing simply means that our conveyancing team will undertake the legal side of your home move, ensuring it progresses as smoothly as possible, but if the transaction is not completed, you don’t pay any conveyancing fees.

However, please be advised, with our no sale, no fee conveyancing service, if the transaction does fall through, you may still be required to pay what are known as disbursements. These are fees paid by us on your behalf to third parties. Our conveyancing service also operates on a no hidden charges basis. In other words, the price you see is the price you pay.

Please ring 01522 512123, (Lincoln) 01636 673743 (Newark) and ask for a no-obligation quote as soon as you decide to move home. Our conveyancing team will be happy to advise you.

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