Charges For Dealing with Estate Administration

Our charges depend entirely on what work is involved in any given case, and we tailor our service to the client’s requirements.

For example, we can offer an initial interview for a fixed fee, and can apply for a Grant for a fixed fee as well if, for example, the family wish to deal with the financial institutions themselves. For handling the estate administration, we can offer this service at an hourly rate and would estimate our charges in a range, depending on the overall time spent of the person handling the matter.

Our charges for dealing with larger and more complex estates take into account a range of factors, in accordance with Law Society guidelines, for example, the complexity of the assets of valuation issues, any contentious aspects, and the overall value of the assets which increases the level of responsibility we take on. We would generally estimate our charges in accordance with the percentage value of the overall estate, but taking those underlying factors into account.

To speak to one of our trust law specialists, please contact us on 01522 512123 (Lincoln) or 01636 673743 (Newark).