A trust can be set up for a number of different reasons. The most common type of trust is a trust in a will which provides that young beneficiaries will receive their entitlement on reaching a certain age. Trusts can be created to provide a fund to benefit otherwise vulnerable people, who may struggle to manage their finances and who may be potentially at risk from others.  They can be used for tax planning purposes and for a number of other reasons.

Why Choose Us?

Andrew & Co Solicitors has dealt with the creation and administration of trusts for many years. Helen Newson and Alison Short are members of the Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners and  experienced trust lawyers.

Comprehensive Advice to All Parties

We advise people who wish to create a trust whether during their lifetime or by will.  We can advise trustees in the ongoing management of the trust and any problems that arise, and can  provide independent advice to beneficiaries. Helen and Alison also act as professional trustees where the appointment of a skilled independent professional is called for, or if a person has no family members able to take on this role.

Trust Disputes

If a dispute occurs between trustees or the trustees and beneficiaries of the trust, our Private Client team will work with you in order to resolve matters.  Most such disputes can be sorted out with the benefit of sensible and timely advice from a trust practitioner.   However, if litigation proves inevitable, we will work with our Dispute Resolution team to resolve the issue and ensure your interests are protected.

To speak to one of our trust law specialists, please contact us on 01522 512123 (Lincoln) or 01636 673743 (Newark).