Landlord and Tenant

Landlord & Tenant law is a complicated area. If you are a residential landlord or agent, you have certain obligations, for example, in relation to tenant deposits or repossession.  You could easily fall foul of the law without proper support and advice.  Our expert team can help you with:

• Drafting tenancy agreements

• Pre-contractual advice to landlords and tenants on the terms of tenancy agreements

• Drafting and serving notices

• Advice on breaches of a tenancy, such as failure to pay rent, disrepair or anti-social behaviour

• Advice on deposits and representation in court proceedings regarding deposits

• Possession proceedings, including filing a claim at court and representation at any court hearing

• Enforcing an order for possession

• Recovering rent arrears

• Advice about different types of tenancy, for example Assured Tenancies and Rent Act Tenancies.

We offer many of our services on a fixed fee basis but we will always provide an estimate in advance so you can be confident  you know what to expect.

 To speak to one of our Landlord & Tenant specialists, please contact us on 01522 512123 (Lincoln) or 01636 673743 (Newark).