Acquisitions & Disposals

Buying or selling a commercial property is a serious investment decision.  The amount of capital being exchanged means all parties involved in the transaction need clear, concise legal advice to ensure their interests are protected.

Unrivaled Local Experience

Led by Julia Lock, the commercial property team at Andrew & Co Solicitors has years of experience and expertise in dealing with all manner of commercial property transactions across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and beyond.

We provide advice covering the buying and selling of most types of commercial property. The scale of our services encompasses institutional purchases, selling tenanted property, the acquisition of industrial estates and the purchasing and selling of landed estates, farms and private residences.

Julia and her team will negotiate with your lenders to ensure favourable terms for purchasers and make sure the title being passed on is sound.  Sellers can be assured that they will be released from their legal obligations and receive their monies as soon as possible.

Contracts and Negotiation

Being in business ourselves, we understand the importance of water-tight sale and purchase contracts.  Whether you are a purchaser or a vendor, when engaging us to acquire or dispose of a commercial property, our expertise and service will give you confidence that the deal will go through smoothly.

Our clients know that we draft clear terms in all our contracts, leaving little or no room for future disputes to occur.  We also advise on and organise the relevant title searches and building inspections, and acquire planning permission when required.

Advice for Investors

For investors acquiring and/or selling commercial property, expert legal advice is essential.  The Commercial Property team will work with you to manage any issues that may arise from existing tenancy agreements during the transaction.  We will check all aspects of the property, from development plans, local searches, asbestos surveys, planning permissions, environmental reports, ground reports, and much more, so you can be confident that your investment is solid and will bring the returns you desire.


One of the most overlooked yet most important elements you should look for from your legal adviser is good communication. Here at Andrew & Co Solicitors, keeping our clients up-to-date is a key priority of ours. From the outset we establish what is the best form of communication with you and at what stages you would like updates, so you can be positive that you are on top of all legal matters and developments pertaining to your commercial property transaction.

To contact Julia or one of her team about acquiring or disposing of a commercial property, please phone us on 01522 512123, (Lincoln) 01636 673743 (Newark) to make an appointment.