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Act Now To Protect Your Compensation

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From 1st April 2013, the Government are changing the law on how a claim is made and who has to pay your solicitors bill, in favour of the Insurance Industry.

If you have suffered an accident and been injured or, have been diagnosed with an illness caused by your work, in the last three years, then you need to see us as soon as you can. We can then enter into a No Win No Fee agreement with you under the current rules and your compensation will be protected.

After 1st April 2013, any new agreement with us (or any other solicitor) will see you having to contribute up to 25% of your compensation towards the legal bill as well as having to pay the cost of an insurance premium to protect you in the event of losing.

The way any legal bill is to be paid will change and claimants will have to contribute significantly from their compensation. This is not the case at the moment.

So, if you have had an accident and are wondering whether to make a claim or not, please come and see us now for a free assessment, in order to make sure you get all of your compensation.

Please note, full details of what is to happen after 1st April 2013 are not yet known as the Government have not yet published the new rules. We do know the date and the contribution level.