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Personal Injury - Where to turn to for help?

If you've had an accident at work or when out and about, you may have suffered from an injury which was, or still is, causing you to be dependent on others and uncertain about your future. 

After you return home from hospital, or when you return to work, you might start to think about making a claim, if you feel that someone was to blame for your accident.

The first thing you can do to try to ensure that the stress caused by your injury is not aggravated by the stress of litigation is to choose the right solicitor's firm to represent you. 

In another recent article we have already touched upon the situation where you've had a car accident and your insurance company or the other driver's insurance company offer to deal with your claim on your behalf, but what if you've had some other kind of accident and you just don't know who to turn to for help?

We attract most of our work through ‘word of mouth’ recommendations; by having a strong local presence; through our website; and by being on Radio Newark. We do not need to pay Claims Management Companies referral fees to get work. 

Here at Andrew & Co our Personal Injury team has many years of experience and is accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). We can see you in person at one of our offices and we are always at the end of the telephone or email.  It is easy to call in and see us as we have available parking for our visitors.

We can devote more time to your claim than might be possible in a larger firm, where each solicitor may have a very large caseload or might have to spend a significant amount of time supervising junior staff instead of progressing his or her own cases.  

Whatever you do, do not be tempted to deal with a Claims Management Company.

Claims Management Companies are the people who call or text you out of the blue, pretending that they know about an accident you've supposedly had. They also advertise heavily on television or radio, the Internet, and in newspapers. Claims Management Companies refer individuals who respond to them, for a fee, to firms of solicitors with whom they have a commercial agreement even though this is actually not legal. They may also arrange for you to have a "replacement" vehicle, which may end up costing you money because you will have to sign a hire agreement. 

They claim to be able to deal with your claim "swiftly" or "efficiently" or "cost effectively" but read that to mean that they will settle your claim as soon as possible, without really considering your needs, and for as little cost as possible by using overworked claims handlers, perhaps unqualified or with little or no experience, so that they can make as much profit as possible. Whilst this problem is exacerbated by the low fixed fees which have been brought in by the Government, our focus is on providing a quality service.

Some Claims Management Companies claim to be able to tell you how much your claim is worth before they even sign you up! This is just to draw you in. Every claim is different and the value depends upon the effect an injury has had upon you and what the medical evidence says.

If you are unfortunate enough to have had an accident, call our Personal Injury Team for Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire at Andrew & Co LLP contact us today to have a chat and to arrange a free face-to-face initial consultation to discuss your options.

Contact us:
Lincoln  01522 512123 
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Author: Laura Simpson -  Solicitor 1st February 2019  

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