Personal Injury Solicitors

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault within the last three years, our personal injury team can help you claim compensation. Specialist advice is essential to recover damages due and resolve personal injury claims in a manner that minimises distress.

At Andrew & Co, we have extensive knowledge of personal injury law and an enviable track record of successfully obtaining compensation for clients who engage us.

Our personal injury solicitors understand the stress and trauma that can be caused as a result of personal injuries. As well as the immediate pain and suffering, you may be facing a long recovery (or even long-term or permanent disabilities) and costs for things like care, rehabilitation, and travelling to and from medical appointments.

Our firm supports and complies with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Charter, which is a code of best practice for cases involving personal injury claims. Each member of our team is APIL accredited. This means that you can trust us to manage your claim professionally and efficiently, allowing you the best possible chance of receiving the compensation you deserve.

Our personal injury solicitors’ expertise

Our skills and experience apply to all areas of personal injury law, including:

  • Accidents at work
  • Whiplash claims
  • Road traffic accidents (involving drivers, cyclists, and/or pedestrians)
  • Accidents in public areas
  • Trips, slips, and falls
  • Sporting injuries
  • Injuries caused by defective products
  • Dog bites and injuries caused by animals
  • Medical negligence
  • Criminal injury cases
  • Claims involving children

Claiming personal injury compensation can be complicated and confusing; however, our personal injury lawyers are all experts in their field and can handle every aspect of your case on your behalf, including:

  • Providing initial advice on the strength of your claim
  • Gathering evidence, including any expert reports on your injuries, treatment, and long-term prognosis
  • Drafting formal letters of claim and negotiating potential settlements with the defendant
  • Dealing with disclosure of documents, and arranging representation in court if necessary

Many of our clients are worried about attending court to get the compensation they deserve. Our negotiation expertise and ability to build a strong case efficiently means we can often help you settle your case out of court without compromising on the amount of compensation you receive.

Accidents in the workplace

Accidents and injuries at work can occur as a result of a number of ways, including faulty equipment, working conditions (and adherence to health and safety policies), or the action or inaction of another worker.

Employers are under a duty of care to ensure their employees are safe at work, including carrying out regular health and safety risk assessments, providing adequate training, and taking steps to minimise risks associated with the working premises. Where an employer fails to protect their employees and one is injured as a result, they may be able to claim personal injury compensation.

We’ve worked on a huge variety of workplace accident claims, including construction site accidents, health and safety failures, crush injuries, dangerous or defective machinery, and slips, trips and falls from height. 

Accidents in public places

Premises and open spaces which are accessible to members of the public are under a duty of care to take all reasonable steps to avoid the risk of accident and injury. For example, local authorities are required to ensure its roads and pavements are properly maintained to avoid accidents.

We can advise in relation to all accidents and injuries which have occurred in public areas, including sports injuries (for example, at the gym or at a swimming pool), accidents at supermarkets, shops or restaurants, dog bites, child injuries at school, and accidents in areas owned by local authorities.

Typical causes of injury can be:

  • Broken, wobbly or uneven paving slabs
  • Unmarked, greasy or wet steps, stairs and floors
  • Badly lit areas
  • Badly maintained premises and equipment

Sporting injuries

If you are a sports player or spectator who has been injured as a result of negligence, recklessness, or the intentional act of someone else, you could be entitled to claim for the harm caused.

As with other personal injury claims, you must have evidence that the other person actually caused the harm. We can advise on sports injuries relating to coaching, defective sporting equipment or unmaintained fields or courts, rally car injuries, improper tackles, and unmaintained stadiums.

Injuries caused by defective products

When we purchase a product, whether it is an electrical item, medicine, or food, we expect a certain level of quality and an assurance that the manufacturers have developed and tested the product according to comprehensive safety standards.

If you’ve received an injury or loss as a result of a defective product, we can help you make a claim for compensation.

Road accidents

We assist motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians who have suffered injury as a result of road traffic accident. Accidents on the road are often serious, sometimes resulting in life-changing injuries which require long-term care and rehabilitation.

However, the impact of minor injuries including bruising and whiplash also cannot be understated. Whatever circumstances of your case, our road traffic accident solicitors will support you and help you claim compensation for your injuries.

Criminal injury cases

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a criminal act, we can help you make a claim for criminal injury compensation, including making claims through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) scheme.

We understand how traumatic being the victim of a criminal offence can be and as such, injury isn’t always physical; you can also claim for psychological injuries such as depression, anxiety, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Whether you have been the victim of assault, battery, robbery, abuse, or you have suffered psychological damage as a result of witnessing a criminal offence, we can help you start getting your life back on track by claiming the compensation you deserve.

How to make a personal injury claim

In order to bring a personal injury claim, you must be able to demonstrate that another party is at fault for your injuries.  This may sound daunting, but the personal injury team at Andrew & Co Solicitors know how to prove your case.

Our experience enables us to deliver efficient, reliable advice and the peace of mind that your claim is being professionally handled.

We are 100% honest with potential claimants – if we know your claim is not robust enough to obtain a settlement, we will let you know upfront.

How long does a personal injury claim take?

The amount of time your personal injury compensation claim will take ultimately depends on the individual circumstances of your case. Some straightforward claims may be resolved within a few months, while others (particularly those involving serious injury) are likely to take longer.

We can assess how long your claim may take upon initially reviewing your case.  We pride ourselves on our ability to conduct claims as efficiently as possible, in an effort to minimise the length of time you’ll have to wait for your matter to be resolved.

How much compensation can you get for personal injury?

The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the exact circumstances of your case, on the severity of your injuries and your prognosis for recovery.  Therefore the amount of compensation you receive could be substantial.

As well as the pain and suffering of the injury itself, we can also help you claim for loss of quality of life, loss of earnings, loss of earning capacity, long-term care, home-help, rehabilitation, and travelling to and from medical appointments.

What is a Personal Injury Trust?

A personal injury trust can be very helpful, particularly if you have been awarded a substantial amount of funds.  The compensation you are awarded will be ring fenced and protected.  It helps to protect you from being disadvantaged when being means tested for social benefits to support your day to day living

Why choose Andrew & Co’s personal injury lawyers?

At Andrew & Co, we’ve been loyally supplying our local communities across Lincoln and Newark for many decades.

Our team of personal injury solicitors are all experts in their areas. As well as our in-depth knowledge of personal injury law, we understand the support our clients need to start recovering from what are often traumatic and life-changing injuries. Our advice is always delivered sensitively but pragmatically and we are clear about the merits of your case and the amount of compensation you could expect to receive.

Our personal injury and accidents team is led by Michael Pace, who regularly speaks and lectures on personal injury matters.

Michael is an accredited fellow of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

Our team also includes Solicitor, Laura Simpson, and Legal Executive, Anne Shillito, who are both experienced in all types of personal injury claim and devoted to helping their clients achieve some closure to situations which may be causing great stresses and difficulties in their lives.  Laura is also a specialist in Clinical and Medical Negligence issues which may be as a result of misdiagnosis or injuries which have not been correctly assessed.

Laura Simpson and Anne Shillito are accredited as Senior Litigators with APIL.

Andrew & Co is independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

No Win No Fee

We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive robust and sensible advice.  Therefore in most cases, after initial discussion, we are able to offer a no win no fee opportunity to enable you to gain the compensation you deserve.

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